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In light of the state of the world today, I have decided to offer you something very special, straight from my heart.

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Hi Dr. Patti here again.

Well I have had a change of heart and here’s what’s happened: I’ve gotten so much interest and so much feedback for the Britton’s high achievers mastermind program and yet my heart is aching. Here’s why—so many people who want this, need this, mastermind are people who are working with the sexuality concerns of their clients or patients. They may be graduates of, or students at Sex Coach U. They are longing to have the kind of mentorship and supervision that only a mastermind can provide. I’m looking at their struggles– I’m looking at their struggles financially. I’m looking at their struggles to step into that zone of commitment and allocate the kind of time that the design of this mastermind is requiring of them.

And, sadly, I’m looking at the world around us. What I’m seeing is this context for our times today: I’m seeing the escalation of war globally. I’m seeing the decline of sexual freedom and access to reproductive health care that’s so many deserve, yes, the erosion of sexuality freedoms in every realm where we can look. I’m looking at the increase in cases of Covid with a new variant, and the impact on instability and constant worry. I’m seeing the economic stress that so many are facing, along with the geopolitical situations that are going on all around the world, not to mention the ravages of climate change and heating up of our planet with destruction everywhere we look. I know. This is not the stuff that a sex doc talks about, right? But listen. All of these patterns are causing damage, fear and contraction. I hate to say it, but, you know, it’s a dark time in many ways out there.

So I’ve given this a lot of thought and what I’m willing to do—and wanting to do—is to make a very special offer to you today. Here’s what it is– I’m going to be taking 50% off the original pricing for the nine month mastermind. I’m also willing to finance you over double that amount of time, so that it becomes an affordable cost for you if this is something you want, something that you really desire and need.
In my heart, I wanna make this available to you, so I’m reducing the fee to only $9000 from $18,000 for the full nine month program. I’m not going to even charge you a handling or an interest fee to use our in-house financing option, and allow you to pay only $500 US a month to be a part of this program over an 18 month payment plan. I’m offering you our outside funding source, and if you qualify you could even extend that beyond that timeframe and pay less per month if this is the Right Thing for you.

Then in exchange I’m going to be offering the mastermind Live Zoom Sessions only twice a month, which, for some of the people that have responded to me, is a positive. Why? Because it means there are fewer meetings that will be required, where we expect you to be there and show up. Remember this is an elite group of high achievers who are already sexuality related clinicians and are coming in with their own cases. They’re eager to learn more about how to deconstruct the MEBES signature system, and how to uplevel their game as an entrepreneur, and they are yearning to find a crucible of like-minded and like-hearted peers. To be held in our hearts, our minds and be held accountable.

So, if this resonates for you, I want you to apply now. Because I’m only giving you 72 hours to complete your application to see if this is a match for you- and for me- and for this magical group of people who are being called in to love, uplift and support one another.

I hope to see you soon.

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Bye-bye for now.

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