Are you a sexuality professional or a mental health professional who sees clients with sexuality concerns? Have you found that trying to help clients resolve their sexual blocks and embrace their sexual selves can be far more complicated than you realized as a student?

No matter where you received your training, no program can prepare you for EVERY client who walks through your door. It can be especially difficult to learn how to handle the most complex cases, those that involve multiple intersecting issues.

That’s why I have created a new post-graduate mastermind program to help you learn to apply all of your training in a real-world setting.

If you’re longing to feel confident about helping ALL of your clients with sexuality-related concerns—especially the most challenging or complicated ones—watch the video below to learn the secret ingredient you’ll get through my new program.



What’s the secret ingredient to feeling confident in your client work?

Hi, I’m Dr. Patti Britton, co-founder of Sex Coach U, the preeminent sex coach training institution in the world. 

If you’re struggling with how to help clients actually resolve their sexuality concerns, especially those with complex cases, there’s one thing that is guaranteed to help. 

It’s called clinical supervision.

Most people who go through a mental health education program are required to get this additional guidance after graduation, sometimes for the first couple of YEARS as a new clinician.

Although sex coaching is not exactly a mental health profession, it is similar in some ways. And the wisdom of clinical supervision definitely applies!

Think about it: Anytime someone gets a job in the “real world” after completing an intense training or education, there’s a period of adjustment. To ease their adjustment period woes, many successful people in a variety of professions swear by the idea of mentorship, whereby you find someone who has years of experience and a proven track record and you develop a relationship with them where they take your hand and guide you to becoming both competent and confident in your chosen field.

In the mental health world, your mentor is called a supervisor. Working with supervision ensures that you deliver the best possible care to your clients.

So what exactly is clinical supervision? 

When you work with a clinical supervisor, you will bring your difficult cases to your meeting and together, you’ll break down that case and evaluate what you could do differently to move the needle for that client. You’ll examine your biases, you’ll discuss strategies for strengthening the coach-client relationship, and you’ll learn how to overcome whatever is getting in the way—whether that’s something about the client or something within yourself. Plus so much more!

My latest offering includes clinical supervision as a primary focus, within a small-group format, where you get to benefit from both my decades of hard-won wisdom and experience AND the collective wisdom of the other participants.

I call this new program Britton’s High Achievers Mastermind. When you join this exclusive, small group you’ll meet weekly for live, interactive sessions via Zoom with me and the other participants. 

I’m going to share some of my most extraordinary cases and I’ll deconstruct them so you can see how to work with similar clients you may encounter. Group members will also have the opportunity to share their cases and together, we’ll provide feedback and insight designed to help you break through your client logjams.

Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich,” said, “When a group of minds come together, they essentially create an unseen, powerful force—a mastermind.”

That’s what we’re going to create: a powerful force designed to catapult all the members to unseen heights of success. The insights, accountability, ideas, connections, and problem-solving you get from this mastermind experience will become an invaluable part of your growth and development.

Go to to get more details about my upcoming Mastermind program. Sign up for the interest list and you’ll also get a free evaluation tool designed to help you assess where you are in your business and what you still need to accomplish.

Thank You! 

You should receive an email within a few minutes with your copy of the Success Readiness Checklist! 

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