If you’re a sexuality professional who is meeting one-on-one with clients who have sexuality-related concerns—THAT is the most important criteria for applying to the Britton’s High Achievers Mastermind.

But that’s not the ONLY requirement.

You must also be able to commit to the full nine month program, where we meet every week for 90 minutes at a time. There will be minimal self-study obligations outside of our meetings, but you will be expected to attend the live meetings (via Zoom).

So, if you can commit and you are currently working with clients, here’s the deal:

I will take you on a journey of clinical and business professional development to transform the way you do business and you will blossom into a confident sexuality professional at the top of your game.

Come join the Britton Mastermind. This is your one opportunity to become a part of it. You must apply, showing you meet our stringent criteria to assure you’re the right fit for us and we’re the right fit for you. If so, you will meet weekly for 36 live sessions plus minimal self study for 9 months with a seasoned mentor (Me!) and a small, tight-knit circle of high performing peers for case deconstruction and supervision, business and clinical skill-sharing and upleveling, and peer support.

Here are just some of the ways you’ll benefit from enrolling:

  • Live small group coaching so you can build deeper relationships with your peers, learn and contribute to the collective wisdom, and be held accountable, which ultimately results in you working harder and smarter than you would without accountability
  • Sex coaching case analysis will teach you exactly how to apply the MEBES Signature System to a variety of complex cases/clients through the deconstruction of some of my most extraordinary cases
  • Master and integrate the MEBES model so you can become a truly holistic practitioner, able to integrate all five parts of your clients’ sexual being (mind, body, heart, soul, and energy) in their sexual healing journey
  • Case supervision, where you get to present to the group your own challenging sexuality-related cases, so you can get targeted guidance, input, and feedback from both your peers and me, so you learn, grow, and become a better, more well rounded clinician and work more efficiently with the cases you already have. The more seasoned you become using the input from the group and this new methodology, or deepening your learning of the methodology, the more you will begin to attract cases that match your elevated skills level.
  • Business coaching, so you’ll learn how to elevate your brand, design a kickass business plan, develop a winning marketing strategy, and much more, to enhance your business acumen resulting in the development of a much more sustainable and satisfying career and a business that can scale without grinding you into the dust.
  • Coach training, so you can realize the liberation factor of being able to coach from anywhere, anytime, on your terms, have the freedom to work with clients where you and they reside 
  • A community of like-hearted, sex-positve advocates who become a tight-knit circle of supportive peers. Our private Mastermind Facebook group will become a source of ongoing inspiration, resources, networking, problem-solving, camaraderie, and updates on the latest sexological science.
  • Discussion of four hottest books on sexology and coaching in which you gain a more thorough and nuanced understanding of the topics, which will elevate your own clinical growth and create greater expansiveness so you can serve a broader audience.
  • The small-group closed format that meets weekly provides you with a safe space for growth. You will develop deep, emotionally intimate relationships with the individuals in this group, so that a deep well of trust emerges in which you can share all of your hopes, dreams, fears, struggles, and moments of pride in yourself. This will help you expand your ability to be fully present in your client sessions so you can serve them at the highest possible level while maintaining self care.
  • You will achieve a level of self mastery through the application of extreme self care techniques, which also prepare you to be the clean, clear compassionate container your clients need.

Here’s how we’re going to deliver all of these benefits:

  • Weekly Zoom meeting with me and a small group of high performing peers
  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions with me where I will provide you with customized feedback
  • 24/7 access to a Facebook group where you’ll get ongoing support and companionship, so you can maintain your connections between the weekly sessions
  • Practical tools and templates to help accelerate your knowledge and skills
  • Exclusive 2 day online retreat to deep dive

Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Apply now.

Thank You! 

You should receive an email within a few minutes with your copy of the Success Readiness Checklist!