My new program won’t just give you a new template to make it easier to work with any client, it will also make your work with them so much more satisfying and effective.

You will also learn how to shift your money mindset and behaviors so you can open to the possibility of abundance and a clinical practice that actually sustains you. 

You don’t want to continue working yourself to the bone, spending all of your precious energy on all the marketing channels, only to see paltry returns for those efforts. Are you exhausted by all the minutiae of building and promoting your business? 

Do you feel like you’ve got more clients than you really want (more than you can reasonably serve, in fact)and yet you NEED them or you couldn’t make ends meet? 

I don’t want you to have to choose between taking on yet another client so you can feed your kids versus spending time with those kids and helping them with their homework in the evenings.

My Low-Paid Early Years

Believe me, I know what that’s like. In fact, when I first started, I bartered with my clients. In exchange for helping them achieve sexual wellness, they would gift me fancy hats that had been featured in Vogue magazine, beautiful necklaces made by African villagers, and one client even traded her $900 raincoat for help reclaiming her ability to orgasm.

I offered reduced rates to my clients, just to get them in the door, often as low as $50 per session. I always wanted to serve my clients and so I would allow them to pay what they could. I wrote articles for free, did TV show appearances for free, I always presented at conferences, and gave free talks to medical and mental health colleague networks.

But I was exhausted. And I often struggled to pay my bills. Even worse, my mental health suffered and my social life was nonexistent. Something had to give. Because I wasn’t about to give up on my clients. This work is so important to me. 

What’s the Secret to Sustainability?

So eventually I learned the secrets to a more sustainable way to continue serving my clients. I learned how to build my name and my brand. I transformed my scarcity mindset into one that embraces and attracts abundance. And I learned how to raise my rates. 

In fact, here’s a secret I learned that I’ll share more about in my new program: When you raise your rates and begin to appreciate the true value of your time and service, you will begin attracting higher-paying clients. People perceive more value when you charge more. 

As a result of your participation in the Britton’s High Achievers Mastermind, you will learn how to work fewer hours and still see your income rise.

You won’t feel obligated to work with every client who calls, you won’t need to take on more clients than you can handle, and you’ll avoid experiencing burnout.

Finally, you’ll be able to breathe easier, knowing you can pay all of your bills AND have enough left over to enjoy the life you’ll actually have time to live. Whether that’s working in your garden, traveling to exotic places, saving for your kid’s ideal university, or putting money away for retirement.

The world becomes your oyster.

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