Hi, I’m Dr. Patti Britton. I’m the co-founder and CEO of Sex Coach U, the world’s leading sex coach training and certification organization. I founded the whole profession of sex coaching over three decades ago when I became fed up with the prevailing medical model for treating sexual concerns, which pathologized people’s perfectly natural sexual proclivities and treated their struggles as dysfunctions needing to be “cured.”

I have trained thousands of professionals of clinical sexology just like youdedicated students of sexuality who longed to help people achieve sexual pleasure, joy, and wellness. 

I’ve delivered this training through my Certified Sex Coach training program, as an academic at prestigious graduate schools, as the Dean of Students at the Institute for the Study of Human Sexuality, as a Doctoral Committee Chair, through my consumer DVDs, five books I’ve published, my extensive media appearances, and 25 years of conference presentations to my peers, both in the U.S. and around the world.

I Developed a Holistic Approach to Working with Clients with Sexual Concerns

Part of the process I went through to establish this profession was to develop my own unique way of working with clients in a holistic, empowering, client-centered approach. I call it the MEBES™ Signature System. MEBES stands for Mind, Emotions, Body/Behavior, Energy, and Spirit, which are the five parts of the sexual self. Clients will let you know where they are stuck individually or in their relationship in any or all of the five parts.

The MEBES™ Signature System is evidence-based and has a proven track record for helping people move through their sexual blocks to achieve sexual wellness. In fact, I and the graduates of my Certified Sex Coach training program have helped thousands of clients regain their sexual health and wellness using this approach.

If You’re Fed Up with the Pathologization of Sexual Concerns, You’ll Love My Mastermind

The Britton’s High Achievers Mastermind program will teach and guide your use of this simple, easy-to-use template. The MEBES™ Signature System provides you with a consistent approach for the assessment of your client’s needs and gives you a framework for developing and creating action steps to help them overcome and/or resolve their sexual concerns, issues, or blockages. This process helps ensure your clients experience extraordinary, consistent, positive outcomes.

When you learn this simple, repeatable method for working with clients, your work with them will excel. You’ll become a better clinician and you can justify raising your rates.

As much as I love working directly with clients, I also absolutely delight in mentoring other sexological clinicians to support them in achieving financial freedom while also upleveling their work with their clients. It’s such an honor to witness the stunning transformation of someone who begins to realize the value of what they bring to the world.

So if you’re a sexuality professional who is seeing clients and you’re dedicated to helping people achieve sexual pleasure, joy, and wellness, consider applying for the Britton’s High Achievers Mastermind. 

Applications will be accepted July 19-26, 2022.

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