What separates the most successful sexuality professionals from those who never seem to make any progress?

It comes down to taking action. And not just any action. Or trying to do everything all at once. It’s doing the right actions, in the right order, that will get you where you want to be in your business.

Becoming a successful sexuality professional isn’t just knowing about sex or how to coach people to resolve their sexual concerns—it’s also about becoming an entrepreneur. 

And there are steps you can take to ensure your entrepreneurial endeavor (your clinical sexology practice) gets off to a great start and evolves into a financial abundance generator.

But there’s one action you can take that will support ALL the other tasks you need to do to become that financial success.

Watch the video below to learn more about this crucial step you can take that will empower you to rock your business to-do list:



The One Action You Need to Take

Hi! Dr. Patti Britton here again. I wanted to take a moment and share how joining my Britton’s High Achievers Mastermind is THE ONE action that will empower all of the other things you need to do to launch and grow a successful sex coaching business.

Being an entrepreneur is difficult. You have to wear ALL the hats. You have to be your own marketer, your own accountant, your own public relations rep, your own media guru, your own website writer, your own…well, you get it. You have to do it all until you’re successful enough to start hiring people to do the jobs you don’t enjoy. 

And while you may have graduated from the Business of Sex Coaching component of the Certified Sex Coach training program or some other business or marketing training, you may still struggle with how to get it all done.

And then there’s the difficulty of maintaining your sanity, your motivation, and your enthusiasm for your business or practice when you get overwhelmed by all the details and your long to-do list.

How Joining the Mastermind Will Help You Rock Your To Do List

By joining this Mastermind group, you get to connect with others in the same boat. Other individuals who are all striving to make their practice a success and find wealth and abundance in this new career. Others who are also struggling to figure it out and periodically feeling desperate, or lonely, or overwhelmed.

In this program, I’ll guide you through whatever challenge you’re facing as a sexuality professional entrepreneur. I’ve been walking this path for decades now, and I know where all the potholes and streetlights are. I can show you what to avoid, what to focus on, how to prioritize all the tasks, and how to maintain your mental and emotional health while you’re doing it all.

And the group experience makes this all so much richer. We all get to share our insights and use the collective power of our thinktank to brainstorm solutions to the thorniest business problems you may be facing.

So if you want deep, intimate support to grow your business from a small group of like-minded and like-hearted peers—and a mentor who’s been through it all—then check out all the details about my latest offering at www.BrittonMastermind.com.

Thank You! 

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