When I pioneered sex coaching back in 1993, I was the only person working with clients in this positive, holistic, client-centered way. I had created this approach, after all! 

And while I was successfully shepherding dozens of clients through their own sexual healing and self-realization journeys, my business just puttered along until I discovered something that caused a quantum leap in my ability to help people.

It’s simple really, and yet so profound. 

What was this magical thing? 

In a word, Community.

And the power of community can help you create these kinds of quantum leaps in your business, too.

Here’s how:



Community Can Help You Make that Quantum Leap

Dr. Patti here. I wanted to share with you about the power of community. As I mentioned in my email, community was the secret ingredient to my success. 

When I started teaching others how to use my unique, holistic approach to helping people resolve their sexual concerns and celebrate their erotic selves, I created a small, but rapidly-growing group of peers. These were people who resonated with my model, learned it thoroughly, and then brought their own style to their client work. 

I learned from them as much as they learned from me. And that bidirectional learning helped us all. Now, after more than 10 years of running Sex Coach U, where I’ve trained hundreds of Certified Sex Coaches, we’ve developed a global network of like-minded, sex-positive professionals.

Our students and graduates automatically become part of this community of peers and often exchange information and ideas to help each other.

But imagine if you had a dedicated SMALL group of people with whom you met EVERY single week. And what if every meeting were structured around case deconstruction and diving deep to thoroughly unpack and understand how to find breakthroughs for your most complex clients? And what if you and the other members of this elite group of high achievers were led by the creatrix of the whole field of sex coaching?

The Power of a Tight-Knit, Small Community

That’s what Britton’s High Achievers Mastermind offers.

Each month, I will share one of my most extraordinary cases. I’ll do an in-depth deconstruction of each case, showing you how I used my MEBES© Signature System to work with these clients from assessment all the way through the process to achieve astounding results. I’ll break it down for you so you can begin to see how to apply my approach with your own clients.

Plus you get to dive even deeper. Each week, you and the other participants will also bring your own challenging sex coaching clients, and together, I and the group will deconstruct YOUR case, offering input, feedback, support, and targeted guidance. 

Perhaps you’re unsure how to coach people struggling with sexless relationships, or those who are questioning their sexual orientation. 

Maybe you’re working with couples interested in or struggling with ethical non-monogamy or polyamory. 

Or you’re not sure how to work with the kinksters who are seeking your help, especially if their kink is something you’ve never heard of or feel uncomfortable about.

Here’s a tricky one: Imagine a trio of kinksters all trying to find their way to compersion, but each dyad’s power dynamic is different. Oh, and one of them has a chronic condition that interferes with their ability to enjoy sex. Would you know where to start?

Often, our most challenging clients are those that bring complex, multi-layered issues into their sessions with us. This is where my guidance will be the most powerful and helpful for you as your practice evolves.

But remember, this program isn’t just a mentorship relationship with me alone; it’s ALSO a membership in an elite group of sexuality professionals, who are all committed to clinical excellence and financial abundance.

Being in a mentorship group or mastermind means you get the opportunity to learn not just from me, but from the other amazing, powerful, and focused members of the group. You’ll develop intimate, lifelong relationships with everyone; you’ll expand your concept of what’s possible; and you will enjoy the heightened sense of satisfaction that comes from being in a group of like-minded peers all focused on elevating their own and each others’ success.

You’re Worthy of Success & You Deserve It

When you enroll in Britton’s High Achievers Mastermind, you’re telling yourself you are worthy of success. You’re taking the initiative to ensure you’re on the right track. You’re accepting responsibility for the future, and you’re investing in yourself, your business, and your clients. 

The insights, accountability, ideas, connections, and problem-solving you’ll get from this mastermind make it an invaluable part of your growth and development.

Go to www.BrittonMastermind.com for all the details.

Thank You! 

You should receive an email within a few minutes with your copy of the Success Readiness Checklist! 

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